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Install Garage Lock
Ensure the safety of your vehicle, bicycle, equipment, and valuable possessions by installing a sturdy and tamper-proof lock in your garage. This not only provides essential protection for your belongings but is often a requirement by insurance companies. Fixitmatey locksmiths specialize in garage lock installations.
Lost House Keys
If you've lost your house keys, your best option is to get a key replacement. Trustworthy and skilled locksmiths in your area can create a replacement key for you. Even without the original key, a competent locksmith can craft a new one from scratch. Fixitmatey provides local locksmith services in the UK to address any issues with lost house keys, ensuring you have a reliable solution.
Auto Locksmith
When you encounter difficulties with opening or locking your vehicle, or if the lock is malfunctioning, an auto locksmith becomes essential. There may be instances where you can't lock or unlock your car at all. In situations involving a broken key or key fob requiring repair or replacement, auto locksmiths are there to assist you in creating a replacement key. To locate professional locksmiths in the UK for key repair or replacement, simply use the Fixitmatey homeowner app.


Fixitmatey locksmiths are here to assist burglary victims. Our skilled locksmiths reliably perform burglary repairs. The extent of burglary repair service in UK depends on the damage sustained by the locks. Partially damaged locks can often be repaired, while severely damaged ones will require replacement. We efficiently handle the repair or replacement of window and door locks. Your property can be secured in the UK after burglary lock repair or replacement with Fixitmatey

Special OffersEmergency Locksmith

At Fixitmatey, we provide 24/7 emergency locksmith services in UK to address unlocking needs in homes, offices, vehicles, and safes. Whether you're locked out, have lost your keys, or need a spare set, our reliable emergency locksmiths are ready to assist you. Choose Fixitmatey for trustworthy 24-hour locksmith services you can count on.

SPECIAL OFFERSLock Installation

When installing locks, it's crucial not to entrust just anyone with your door. Proper lock installation services in UK involves drilling and mortising.
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