Bump keys provide thieves rapid access to joint locks, but you can protect yourself from locksmith thieves. The bump key has been an increasingly popular lock-picking tool among thieves in recent years. A bump key is a fabricated skeleton key that, when abruptly “bumped” or pushed the remaining distance into the lock, can unlock a lock just as easily as an actual key would. Although there are steps you may take to protect yourself from bump keys, many homes and businesses with conventional locks are vulnerable to them. Here are some suggestions.

Upgrade to a High-Security Lock

Bump Keys What Are They and How Do I Protect Myself Against Them

Only pin tumbler locks are susceptible to this technique since bump keys temporarily align all the pins in a spring-loaded lock stack to unlock the lock. Bump keys cannot open other types of locks, such as disc tumbler, magnetic, and electronic locks, because they lack pins. 

Trap pin locks similarly resist bump keys since they will jam if the incorrect key is inserted. Additionally, many reputable lock manufacturers have started producing locks specifically made to be bump-resistant. You can make it harder for burglars to enter your house by updating it to a high-security or bump-resistant lock.

Avoid Popular Lock Brands

Bump keys must be created from critical blanks that are the same size and shape as the lock. Since there are so many lock types and models, a burglar would need to produce many different bump keys to have any chance of unlocking a lock selected randomly. The less likely a burglar has a pre-made bump key for your lock, the rarer or more unusual it is. You must use a different lock than your neighbours if you live in an apartment complex. If you do, it makes things very simple for burglars, and apartment buildings are also a favourite target of burglars who use bump keys for this very reason.

Install a Security System

Installing a security system is another highly effective barrier against burglars who use bump keys and other break-in techniques. It might be as straightforward as installing motion-activated lighting, a house alarm system, or even a CCTV system. Everything you can do to lessen the appeal of your house to burglars is a positive step!


How do I protect myself from a bump key?

Trap pin locks similarly resist bump keys since they will jam if the incorrect key is inserted. Additionally, many reputable lock manufacturers have started producing locks specifically made to be bump-resistant.

What are the bump keys? How do you find them?

Bump keys are sometimes known as “999 ” since all their ridges are cut in a key-making machine to the deepest possible level (999). Bump keys can usually be cut in less than five minutes; obtaining them is easy, too.

Can a bump key open any lock?

Any lock that a bump key will fit into can be opened. Because it can open both your door lock and your deadbolt, even though they typically require separate keys, keeping them in your pocket in case you ever lose them is helpful.

How can you prevent theft from bumping?

Anti-bumping systems ensure that the cylinder springs prevent the pins and counterpins from aligning whenever a bumping key is inserted and struck. As a result, the lock cannot be opened by turning the key. About its whole selection of security dimple keys, IFAM provides anti-bumping cylinders.



In conclusion, comprehending the potential threat posed by bump keys is essential in today’s security-conscious environment. We’ve talked about bump keys and how disturbingly simple it is for them to break standard pin-tumbler locks. The good news is that one can take proper precautions to defend themselves against this threat.

Investing in high-security locks or electronic substitutes is the first and foremost way to significantly reduce the risk of bumping critical attacks. You may strengthen your home’s defences further by maintaining your doors and windows and installing security upgrades like deadbolts, pins, and reinforced strike plates.

It is also crucial to educate the general public about bump keys and lock security and promote these causes. We give people and communities the tools to protect their property by disseminating information about hazards and preventative measures.

In the end, defending against bump-critical attacks necessitates a proactive security strategy. We can defend our homes and businesses against this possible threat and provide better peace of mind in a world that is becoming more unpredictable by combining technology, alertness, and community knowledge.



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