Keyless door lock – Why you should give up your keys

15 September 2023by

When leaving the house, traditional keys are a necessary item to have in any pocket or pocketbook. But carrying about a handful of keys is cumbersome, and getting back home might be difficult if the front door key is lost or damaged. Key access has become obsolete. Is the future of access control keyless door locks? How many times have you accidentally forgotten or lost your house key? Admit it. While it is a universal phenomenon, it is an exasperating encounter for individuals. Alternatively, how frequently have you exhibited self-control by refraining from remaining seated on your couch and instead attending to the task of opening the door? A conventional door lock’s many drawbacks are eliminated with a single device.

How do keyless door locks work?

An electronic gadget that uses a smartphone app, keypad, or card to control a door lock is referred to as a keyless door lock or a smart lock. Unlike traditional locks, we can enter a building without a physical key, thanks to keyless locks. While this phenomenon is universal, it is undoubtedly a source of considerable frustration for individuals. Alternatively, how frequently have you exhibited self-control in refraining from being seated on your couch and granting access to an individual at your doorstep?

When it comes to this class of intelligent gadgets, the question of what would happen in a power outage instantly pops up. No need to worry; the best smart locks utilize Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone and work with regular keys to unlock doors. Access to a power supply is optional for keyless door locks. However, some keyless lock features will not work if Wi-Fi is lost (for instance, you cannot remotely give access without a Wi-Fi connection).

Keyless door locks do not require installation by a professional. The benefit of keyless locks is that you typically don’t have to run a cable through the entire house to get to the front door because they operate wirelessly. Installing a keyless entry device won’t likely impact the looks of your property.

Depending on whether the door cylinder needs to be replaced, installing a keyless door lock can take a few to a few tens of minutes. Smart lock manufacturers typically include comprehensive installation guides and instructional videos on their websites. Typically, all you need for installation is a screwdriver. The option to use a professional is always there if you need more confidence. But keep in mind that installing a smart lock can be an extra fee.

Intelligent door lock versus security

Smart locks turn the lock cylinder like electronic tools. They have no mechanical impact on how secure the door hardware is. They are just as secure as the door hardware you now have. We installed the keyless lock inside our building so nobody outside can see or use it. A thief won’t know you have a smart lock on your door if you are concerned about a potential break-in.

Hacking assaults can target a wide range of technological gadgets. Do smart locks fall under this category as well? Yes, but it’s very tough to hack a keyless door lock. Digital security is on par with safeguarding your online banking information.

Before buying a smart lock, it is crucial to weigh your alternatives and confirm the security measures the company uses. Consider your security requirements when selecting a keyless door lock, and pick a lock that provides the appropriate amount of security.

Smart lock means convenient access granting.

One of the most significant benefits of a keyless access system is convenience. Locking and unlocking keyless doors can be done via an app, PIN, fingerprint, smartwatch, voice commands, and more. Doors can be unlocked using various methods, including a household member-specific code entered in an app or on a keypad, a smartwatch, or a fingerprint reader.

The keyless lock is a tool that works well for the contemporary, active family. Even the little conveniences can add up when you’re constantly on the go.

Each of us once had a childhood. Remember if you were concerned about the home key in your pocket or on a string around your neck when you were outside playing. We disliked having to carry around our keys. The easy conclusion is that kids frequently forget or lose their keys. 

It’s crucial to remember that opening doors alone can be difficult, all for some people due to movement problems. Here, voice commands are helpful. Ask Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to unlock the door. With voice control, everything else runs well.

They can also give their codes to those outside the family. Anyone can obtain their access code, whether temporarily or permanently. This includes dog walkers, neighbors who water your plants while you are away, and professionals who rebuild your bathroom. Thanks to activity records on your phone, you can track who enters your home when you’re out working or shopping.

Keyless lock as the heart of a smart home system

Technology for smart homes can be fascinating but also intimidating in some situations.

The term “smart home” encompasses the many hardware components that facilitate the establishment of an interconnected system of devices designed to enhance both security and comfort inside a residential setting.

A smart device refers to an electrical apparatus that establishes connectivity with the internet in order to perform novel functions. In the absence of an internet connection, the device can be utilized locally over Bluetooth, similar to the functionality of a smart lock. A smart home is best built on a keyless entry system. Other smart home appliances can communicate with the keyless lock. A smart lock is The perfect trigger for automatic scenes and routines.

You can effortlessly manage your property as a result. Nothing prevents you from programming your keyless lock-connected devices to turn off when you leave the house. Voice commands can also be a massive convenience for opening doors. The most effective keyless door locks are compatible with the most widely used platforms, including Google Assistant, Apple Siri, and Amazon Alexa. Make sure the smart lock supports the requirements you are interested in before making a purchase.

Keyless entry into your business

A keyless door lock can be quite advantageous for businesses. It can first aid in lowering the danger of misplaced keys or access cards and unauthorized entrance. Second, it can monitor who comes in and goes out of the building. Third, it can provide excellent security for essential places within the company.

Of course, there are many more possibilities; your creativity is the only limit. Because of an unanticipated event, you are unable to report for work. Give remote access to your employees. You slept in too late and were roused by a call from a customer who was waiting outside your hair salon? Open the door so the client can enter and wait for you.

Consider using a fingerprint lock if you’re seeking high protection. An authorized user must touch the sensor with their finger to unlock the door with these locks. Businesses that handle sensitive information or materials frequently employ fingerprint access.

A keypad door lock can be an option if you need a lock that is simple to use and doesn’t call for any specific training. With these locks, users can open the door with a PIN code. In office buildings and other business premises, keypad locks are frequently employed.

Keyless entry to your rental

The demand for security solutions that can handle this kind of rental is increasing along with the popularity of short-term rental sites like Airbnb. Short-term rental establishments benefit significantly from smart locks since they provide convenience and security. You can grant visitors entrance to your property without providing them a key by controlling keyless door locks via an app. This is a terrific approach to provide visitors with the flexibility and convenience they want while securing your property.

Keyless door locks provide homeowners and owners of short-term rental properties with high security and convenience. The owner is not required to supply keys, and visitors do not have to be concerned about misplacing them and being unable to enter.

It’s crucial to take into account the characteristics that are most significant to you when selecting a smart lock for your short-term rental property. For instance, some locks let you program temporary codes for visitors, while others let you remotely unlock the door.

The smart lock is designed to help tenants of short-term rentals save money. While keyless locks can cost more than conventional ones, they might still be a significant investment. Remote management of the property is made possible by the installation of a keyless entry system. Keypad locks that allow entry could be a game-changer from a landlord’s perspective.

The keypad guarantees automatic access when used in conjunction with a channel management system. Nobody needs to keep an eye on the renting process when everything is fully automated because the technology is in charge of everything.

Save your time with keyless entry

How long did it take you to look for the keys? Admit it: We frequently lose our keys when leaving the house. Or how frequently do you wonder whether the door is locked? I returned to the third floor several times to ensure the door was locked. I need to glance at the screen of my phone to realize that I don’t need to go back home because I switched the traditional lock to an electronic one. And even if I still need to secure the door, all it takes is one press of my finger on the app. Going back up the stairs to the third floor is much less enjoyable.

How many times a day do we open and close our front door? We only sometimes consider this—several, perhaps even hundreds of times per day. The action of securing and unsecuring a door, while its brevity, accumulates over some time and exposes the potential decrease in productivity associated with engaging in such tasks. In the current era of the 21st century, there is no reasonable justification for investing significant time and effort into mundane and repetitive tasks. The integration of automated door systems plays a crucial role in augmenting the overall level of residential comfort.

With a keyless door lock, you can always use a standard key. Despite what the name implies, the best keyless door locks may be locked and opened with a regular key if you still need to sell on the new technology and feel uneasy using the lock via an app.

The Tedee keyless door lock’s backup key may conveniently fit in your wallet. By adopting this approach, individuals can consistently possess and employ the item as needed. Moreover, a considerable number of intelligent locks are equipped with a specialized adapter designed to fit seamlessly into the pre-existing lock cylinder. Consequently, it is frequently unnecessary to replace one’s current set of keys. 


Despite requiring a key, the smart lock offers extra features, including button-activated door opening and keypad access. Additionally, there are locks that you may open by placing your finger on the fingerprint reader. I believe you will quickly see all the advantages a smart lock offers, though.


Is keyless entry safer than key?

With cutting-edge features like personal access tracking, remote control, and individual access codes, keyless entry door locks provide increased home protection. With keyless door locks, you may instantly revoke access codes as necessary and eliminate the possibility of duplicate traditional keys.

What are the disadvantages of keyless door locks?

Keyless entry door locks do have some drawbacks. They might cost more than conventional locks. They also need batteries, so you’ll need to update them occasionally. Furthermore, if you lose your code, there is no way to enter your house other than by hiring a locksmith.

Is it better to leave the key in the door when locked?

The presence of keys inserted into locks provides a convenient and readily available means to expeditiously open the door and exit the premises, obviating the necessity of engaging in a search for those keys. Although the proposed course of action appears rational for immediate implementation during a crisis, it concurrently facilitates unauthorized access for potential burglars.

Is keyless better than key?

Pros: Keyless convenience: Removes the possibility of misplacing, losing, or having your key stolen. There is also no need to bring around keys. Better access control: The lock may be configured with several different pin codes, allowing access without having keys made.


Adopting a keyless door lock system provides many solid arguments for saying goodbye to conventional keys. Modern homeowners and businesses should choose them because of their simplicity, security, and versatility. Entry control is made easier with keyless door locks, making granting and denying entry simple. Their cutting-edge capabilities, such as remote monitoring and connection with smart home devices, improve security and offer comfort. Additionally, removing actual keys minimizes the possibility of having your keys lost or stolen, adding an extra layer of security for your possessions. Additionally, keyless entry’s ease makes daily living easier with options like PIN codes, biometrics, or smartphone apps. Although switching to keyless locks may seem like a significant change, those wishing to improve their access control systems should strongly consider it because of its security, practicality, and peace of mind advantages. It’s a step toward a more advanced, effective, and safe method of controlling access to your property.



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