13 Ways To Open A Locked Car With Keys Inside

15 September 2023by easefix@gmail.com

You must have left your keys in the car. It’s alright. Relax by taking a big breath. Only you and many others like you will benefit from the advice on this page regarding how to unlock locked autos. Almost every method to get back into your car is included in this essay. It would help if you tried these procedures in the sequence listed.

I want to emphasize the significance of comprehending the task before performing it, even though I cannot stop you from skipping around in the article or starting a process without reading it beforehand. Furthermore, if you skim the material, you should do so knowing what information you are missing.


The thirteen methods for regaining access to a locked car when the keys are inside can be divided into four groups. The first several solutions will ensure you are locked out of your car. We will look at the tools you might have on hand to get your key out of your locked car once you have confirmed that you are locked out of your vehicle. Without them, you may purchase specialized tools. Additionally, calling for help is still possible after trying every DIY method to unlock a locked car.

Make Sure You Are Locked Out

When faced with a door lockout, it pays to thoroughly assess the situation before assuming all hope is lost. You may overlook alternative entry points or solutions in the moment’s frustration. If your car key stops working, getting inside the vehicle may start resolving things, even if more significant issues remain. Begin by trying the most straightforward fixes before escalating to more extreme measures.

Refrain from assuming a problem is impossible to solve on your own. Take a breath, clear your head, and reconsider the circumstances. The solutions often turn out to be more straightforward than we might expect when we feel locked out in every sense. Rationally retrace the basics. The answer you need may be waiting there unnoticed.

Initial steps to make sure you are locked out of your car:

  • Verify Doors
  • Verify Trunk
  • Service for Remote Unlocking

It’s crucial to follow these seemingly simple instructions. You can avoid much stress and time by taking a few extra seconds to confirm that you are locked out of your automobile.

Use What You Have Around You

Take stock of your surroundings now that you are sure you are locked out of your car. Find any tools that can help you unlock your locked car. You don’t need the exact items used in the examples to succeed with these techniques. The materials you come upon can be superior or pose different problems than those covered below. Look for items that share the same qualities.

Materials you may have around you:

  • String 
  • Coat Rack

You do not need to bring these tools, so keep that in mind. A string or wire coat hanger will be offered to you by any spectator. While it could seem intimidating, the world is filled with many helpful people. Just be wary when conversing with strangers. If you are concerned for your safety, speak to store employees or business owners in front of customers and explain the circumstances. By doing this, you can avoid getting funny glances when you attempt to access a locked car while the keys are still inside.

Buy Materials

If none of these supplies are lying around, you might need to visit a store and invest a few bucks. Your best bets are big-box retailers with general products, auto part stores, and home improvement stores. These things don’t have to be precisely the ones listed; it’s similar to employing tools you already have around you. Any comparable item will do. It is recommended to leave someone to watch the automobile if the keys have been left in the ignition and the engine is still running. A thief might easily open your door while you’re making a transaction and drive off.

Tools you can buy:

  • Wedge
  • Probe
  • plastic belt
  • Pick locks
  • Jim Slim

If you need assistance using the items you purchase, please ask the staff member politely. When attempting these techniques for the first time, having an additional set of eyes and hands can be beneficial. Just be cautious of another novice’s potentially poor advice. If you asked a helpful stranger for help and they were untrained, you can’t hold them accountable for ruining your car.

Get Assistance

When everything else fails, consult a specialist. Ask to use the shop phone if, when trying to purchase your supplies, you discover that you won’t find the right products or worry that you might be unable to use them. You can also contact a reputable auto lockout service if you have cell service there. Before you call, remain composed and gather your thoughts. Possess details such as:

  • where you are
  • Your automobile’s year, make model, and type.
  • Where to find the keys

If further information is needed or asked, having the answers ready should put you at ease and allow you to provide it.

Your options for assistance are:


You only need to return to the automobile if you’ve locked your key. You won’t require additional services, such as creating a new car key or fixing your door locks. However, knowing your car’s keys are locked inside is crucial. Before contacting the police or AAA, visually verify that your keys are locked in the vehicle. You must call a locksmith if your keys are not inside. A mobile auto locksmith is The only alternative to travel to your place, unlock the car, and create a new car key without a spare.

1. Check Doors

Sometimes, your car’s doors will only lock some of the way. The thought is unsettling, yet it is true. Most drivers disregard the operation of their other doors in favour of paying close attention to the driver’s side door. Even if you are sure all your doors lock properly, this may be the one time they malfunctioned. Verify the doors you have!

2. Check The Trunk

You may be able to enter the car through the trunk. The inside and trunk are not segregated if your vehicle is a hatchback. There may, but is not always, a doorway that leads from the trunk to the backseat. This typically takes the form of a panel that glides open when the trunk is pushed, located in the space behind the back seats.

3. Remote Unlock Service

Most individuals should know about their Onstar (or comparable provider) coverage, so you should attempt this before digging through your trunk. It can be a feature thrown in at the time of purchase in the present market for new cars. Offers for free coverage on new cars often last a year. You could try contacting your dealership to see whether you still have it or if it has expired. Having to deal with all that phone call red tape would undoubtedly make you wish you had a trunk to squirm through. Your doors can be remotely opened if you do have this coverage.

4. String Or Small Diameter Rope


You already have the required tools if you have shoelaces. You can do this with any thin string to slide in between the automobile door and the frame. Using this method requires post-lock-equipped autos only. The upright lock, known as a post lock, can be pulled up or pushed down to open or close it.

Make a slip knot:


Five inches to the left of the string’s centre, create a loop. Make it slightly larger than the hole created when the tips of your index and thumb are brought together (the size will be changed later).

Move the tail end of the string from the right half into the hole (the tail end should be facing you as it emerges from the hole). Don’t tighten the form. As a result, the shape will resemble a pretzel.

Maintain contact with the original loop’s crease with your thumb and forefinger.

The initial loop and the loop formed when the tail end entered the opening are present in the pretzel shape. Put the tail end back through the hole that forms (the pretzel’s left hole).

Maintain pressure on the initial loop crease and the right-end tailpiece of the string as you draw the two components apart. This leaves one loop.

The existing loop should now close if you pull on the left end of the string. By inserting your finger inside the loop and drawing the loop apart, you may similarly enlarge the loop.

Now that your thread has a slip knot in the middle, you are ready to open your door. Between the door and the frame, place the string. Ensure the string is perpendicular to the automobile’s roof on one side and parallel to the roof on the other. Slide the string forward and catch the loop around the lock. Pull the loop closed while raising the lock. Trust me, baby! Otherwise, keep reading.

5. Coat Hanger

Occasionally, we may need shoe laces or even have shoes. Try looking for a wire coat hanger in such a situation. One can be found in many locations (see the conclusion of “3 Expert Tools To Open Your Locked Car”). They might have one they can lend you if a laundry is nearby. Please take into account that you could ruin the hanger by disassembling it.

If a coat hanger is not available, don’t worry. These procedures work on any thin piece of robust and bendable material. It doesn’t have to bend if it is long, slim, powerful, and the appropriate shape. Bending it over will allow you to strengthen the ends that, if they are weak, will be used to manipulate the locking mechanism. If it is in the improper shape, it cannot perform its function and must be bent. It must be bent to correct these characteristics if it is too thick or not long enough.

6. Wedge

For auto lockouts, auto body shops may stock air or rubber wedges. Try to locate a doorstop if there isn’t one already there. The material for this can be rubber or hard plastic. A hammer might also be helpful for further inserting the wedge into the space. As said before, a screwdriver can also open the door. A wedge-shaped piece of wood should be able to be cut in any home improvement store that includes a lumber area. A wedge won’t be sufficient on its own. Additionally, you will require a probing tool.

7. Probe

The probe will be required to meet the exact requirements of the wire hanger part. It doesn’t have to bend if it is long, slim, powerful, and the appropriate shape. Bending it over will allow you to strengthen the ends that, if they are weak, will be used to manipulate the locking mechanism. It must be bent to do its purpose if it differs from the right shape. It must be bent to correct these characteristics if it is too thick or not long enough. Fewer aspects of your probe will be confined depending on the kind of wedge you’re using—or even if you’re using one at all.


8. Plastic Strap


This is another strategy that is limited to post-locks. Big Easy manufactures such an item. In the Post Lock Section of the Coat Hanger Method, this item is utilized similarly to Option 1. The plastic strap should be both long and thin. The length should be longer than shorter because it must be folded to work. The material used needs to be slim enough to insert and slide into the gap between the door and frame.


The sandpaper will be of immeasurable assistance in the crease of the folded plastic strap. You’ll attempt to draw the folded plastic toward you by looping it around the post. Due to the materials’ slickness, the plastic will probably slide off. A fold of sandpaper fastened in that crease can speed up the process to get a tiny bite into the lock.

9. Lock Picking




This will work if you have the appropriate equipment and knowledge. Don’t attempt to pick the lock if you lack one or both of these items. Anything from paper clips to expert lock picks can be used as a tool. It is easy to identify cars from the mid-1990s and earlier. If it employs wafers, the lock can be scraped, rocked, jiggled, single-pin picked, etc.; please check your key. 

Only pick your car door lock if you are sure of the lock type. Modern laser-cut keys can take more work to pick. If uncertain you can do it properly, call a professional. Damaging the lock permanently in a picking attempt makes their job harder and risks expensive replacement costs.

10. Jim Slim




This approach will be comparable to option 2 in the coat hanger method’s description of the post lock. The tool will already be made, which is the crucial difference. A slim Jim’s skills are also more varied than what you’ll see in most online videos. Your specific make and model will determine which techniques are most successful. 

Whenever you use this instrument, use extreme caution. There are numerous wires within the door, and disconnecting or mistakenly tampering with them could result in further issues for your car. You have the most excellent chance of damaging the car using this technique. The Slim Jim is the last gadget you should try to purchase because of this. If you still determine your capacity to utilize it, you should refrain from using it.

11. Call the Police

For this scenario, there are many police personnel prepared. They might not show up depending on the department and how busy the area is. In some places, a running vehicle necessitates police assistance. You are put in a more dangerous situation since the car is running. The presence of the automobile keys will be evident to a burglar. 

Because it is an emergency reaction, this is one of the possibilities for assistance that is prioritized highly. You should use this service if a child or animal is locked inside. You should call the police if any severe other issue forces you to get back into your automobile out of concern for your safety. On the bright side, they can unlock your automobile and protect you more quickly than any other service. The availability and willingness of this kind of service will differ. If you can do any of the above stages, there might be more time to open your locked car.

12. AAA/Roadside Assistance

You can unlock your car by calling AAA if you have a membership. According to the auto locksmith blurb on the AAA website, assistance will be summoned if the vehicle’s key or grants access to the passenger compartment is lost or damaged. For Classic members, services from a locksmith up to $50 are covered, excluding ignition repair or replacement. Plus, members are covered for services up to $100. For Premier members, services up to $150 are covered. 

The towing benefit will cover towing services if the car cannot be securely unlocked or made operational or if the locksmith cannot make a new key. Whether AAA is not your source of roadside help, you should check the membership manual to see whether they provide it. They ought to be able to tow your car securely to its destination at the very least.

13. Locksmith Services

The option from this list that a locksmith thinks is the safest and most responsible to employ. The decision will be based on the circumstances, the vehicle, etc. Your door should be unlocked immediately after they arrive, assuming you engaged a reputable provider, with no damage to your automobile. If you do some research before calling a locksmith, you’ll know what to expect and be able to tell if the business has the expertise and professionalism you require.


Can I unlock my car with my phone?

You don’t need to hold your phone close to the door handle to use your car key with passive entry. Your phone will automatically start your car when you get close, unlock the doors when you get inside, and lock the doors when you get out. Important: Passive entry is not supported by all automobiles.

How do you start a car without a key with a screwdriver?

Remove the electronics from the plastic cover underneath the steering wheel. Then, pound or drill a screwdriver into the ignition flaps until it is firmly in place. The screwdriver should then be turned in the same way as an automobile key. The automobile will start with this.

What tool is used to open a locked car?


A thin strip of metal, typically spring steel, measuring about 60 centimetres (24 in) long and 2-4 centimetres (0.79-1.57 in) comprehensive, was first offered as a slim jim by HPC Inc., a producer and seller of specialized locksmithing tools.

What do thieves use to unlock cars?

Signal amplification and relaying, code grabbing, and radio-frequency jamming are standard techniques auto thieves use. Signal amplification intercepts the key fob’s signal and boosts it to provide the burglar remote access to the vehicle.


Final Thought

You will only be locked out briefly if you’ve read the article and applied the advice. Your issue can be solved using just one of these techniques, but you should always start with the one that presents the slightest difficulty. You should be able to spend the least time and money by following the example in this article. Things get expensive very quickly if you need to call a locksmith or get help in some other way. Don’t let this get you down. You have more power as a customer when the price is higher. Some drawbacks balance out the benefits of a cheap locksmith.

This encounter set the stage for a new era of awareness and accountability. This could be an excellent moment to spend money on extra car keys so that you always have one on hand. I hope you can use this information, and I hope you never have to again. Talk over the information with your family and friends. Ensure those who matter to you can handle circumstances like this. Please feel free to ask any further questions in the comments section below, and I will respond.



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