What is an auto locksmith, and what do they do?

15 September 2023by easefix@gmail.com

In situations where one cannot access their vehicle due to being locked out, the inability to locate or utilize their keys, or encountering critical malfunctions, initiating communication with an emergency automotive locksmith as a primary course of action is advisable.

 But what precisely do auto locksmiths perform?

An auto locksmith is a locksmith who focuses on automotive keys and locks. They might have gone by the names of car locksmiths or vehicle locksmiths. With the obvious exception that they deal with autos rather than installing doors, their work is similar to that of a regular locksmith. Most car locksmiths start as general locksmiths before specializing in the automotive industry.

When should I call an auto locksmith?


When there is a problem opening or locking your car, such as:

  • A broken lock could prevent you from being able to lock or unlock the car.
  • a damaged key or key fob that needs to be fixed or replaced
  • After an intrusion
  • If you’ve accidentally left your keys inside your car
  • while a spare or replacement automobile key is required (for instance, while selling the vehicle).

Can I call an auto locksmith when I’m stuck away from home?

Auto locksmiths are used to field calls from a wide range of sources. They often engage in tasks in outdoor locations adjacent to residential properties, such as parking lots or roadside areas. Keys have the potential to be misplaced or damaged at any given time, regardless of the hour. Auto locksmiths are, therefore, always on call, and several companies offer round-the-clock emergency services.

What does an auto locksmith do?

Aside from the apparent analogies between automobiles and conventional doors, an auto locksmith’s profession is comparable to a general locksmith’s. A vehicle locksmith spends more time reprogramming electronics than you might imagine, even though they are still quite proficient at working with conventional keys and locks. Remote key fobs, a word initially referring to any little item on a key chain, have carried the now-universal “LOCK” and “UNLOCK” buttons since the early 1990s.

 Most cars can be opened with the physical key, usually only done when the fob breaks. Transponders are also present in keys. These are nifty small radio circuits powered by the vehicle’s ECU or on-board computer. The engine won’t start if the radio code doesn’t match the key, which frequently activates an immobilizer. This anti-theft tool is quite effective. However, if it breaks down, you, as the owner, may experience annoyance.

The actual key is typically only used in the ignition these days. Even traditional automobile keys are becoming outdated as keyless systems proliferate. To repair a key fob or response key when something goes wrong, specialized and cutting-edge expertise and technology are needed. Reprogramming these to get them functional again is a standard part of the job of the modern auto locksmith.

What other services do auto locksmiths offer?

The use of remote controls and stolen or lost keys can both be prevented by auto locksmiths. If they fall into the wrong hands, your automobile won’t work with them. That indicates that you should not be concerned.


Although it rarely happens, antique automobile keys occasionally break off in the ignition. Frequently, the key will break at the blade’s base. You’ll need to stall the car’s engine if it somehow manages to start to turn it off. You will now, regrettably, be stranded if the engine fails to start, as it does in most situations. It’s not the best idea to attempt to remove it yourself because doing so could result in expensive repairs if the ignition cylinder, which is where the key goes, is damaged. The best action is to wait until a professional auto locksmith can remove the key’s remnant. Of course, getting back on the road also requires a new key fob.

It’s crucial to remember that auto locksmiths do not create automobile keys. However, whether the previous key was misplaced, broken, or worn out, most can provide you with new keys and properly programmed fobs. It indeed does pay to be prepared. Thus, some individuals like to keep backup keys on hand. When preparing to sell their car, some people buy a new extra key.

Does Grays offer auto locksmith services?

Our auto locksmith services at Grays Locksmiths Derby cover the following:

  • Flip keys are included in replacement car keys.
  • RF keychains
  • Transponders

We supply all of our keys utilizing OEM equipment, whether from the primary dealer or a reliable after-market supplier, whether you require a standard key, a fob, or a transponder. We can replace or reprogram keys for almost 95% of the vehicles in the UK, thanks to our on-site access to the most recent vehicle key cutting and programming technology.


Why is an auto locksmith critical?

Fortunately, auto locksmiths can identify and fix problems with an automobile’s ignition system. An auto locksmith can repair and replace these parts if your ignition switch is broken or your car key is stuck in the ignition to quickly get your car back on the road.

Can a locksmith get in a car?

Inta-lock’s automotive Locksmiths can enter your car without causing any damage since they have specialized lock-picking technology that isn’t available to the general public.

What is the most common locksmith task?

Hand tools are the most typical complex skill for locksmiths. On their resumes, 16.4% of locksmiths list this competency. Door locks are the second most prevalent hard talent for a locksmith, showing up on 13.7% of resumes. Door hardware is listed as the third most frequent locksmith talent on 5.7% of resumes.

How many keys should a locksmith give you?

How many keys should I typically get when I buy a replacement lock? Three to five keys are new, depending on the type of lock. Since there are usually enough keys with a new fit, you should only pay the same amount.

Final Thought

An expert in the complex field of vehicle locks and keys is known as an auto locksmith. Their services include helping with lockouts and making replacement keys to fixing or reprogramming sophisticated vehicle security systems. Auto locksmiths are essential when automotive technology is continually developing to ensure the safety, security, and convenience of automobile owners. They are the go-to specialists for addressing any lock or key-related problem with an automobile, giving people needing their services priceless peace of mind. Auto locksmiths are our go-to experts for keeping our vehicles safe and accessible, whether for an emergency or a proactive security improvement.



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