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Why not create a locksmith franchise as a franchisee if you want to be your boss and operate a company in a booming and dynamic industry? There are many excellent alternatives, and if you continue reading, you’ll learn about some of the top locksmith franchise opportunities in the UK.

A locksmith franchise is a lucrative and valuable way to change careers. Since your franchisor will fully train and support you, you don’t need any prior industry expertise to develop a successful locksmith business. The need for locksmith services increases as the housing market expands.

What is a locksmith business?

Choosing the ideal handyman franchise for you may involve looking into sub-sectors, including home renovation, property maintenance, gardening, and home decoration, in addition to the locksmithing sector of the handyperson industry. Find the ideal fit by learning about each sub-sector’s regular jobs and responsibilities. For instance, a locksmith’s typical day would consist of:

  • Lock replacement and repair
  • removing keys 
  • gaining entry to a locked room, window, or safe
  • giving estimates for the work and interacting with and negotiating with clients
  • Log accomplished activities and perform administrative duties
  • Managing your staff (if you have any) and your franchise’s daily activities
  • A franchise you are marketing

The 6 top franchises in the locksmith industry

Now that you are more aware of what a locksmith goes through daily, you should be able to decide if this is the right career for you. Here are some excellent examples of franchising opportunities in and around the locksmith sector.

  • Lockforce

Lockforce is a relatively new but prosperous company member of the prestigious Forces Group of franchisees. The locksmith franchise is looking for aspiring business owners to spread its successful business model nationwide.

  • Getting a franchise with Lockforce: To develop a profitable locksmith franchise, you don’t need any prior industry experience; you only need to be motivated, diligent, and ambitious.
  • How much you must put in: A fixed royalty charge and a minimum investment of £14,995 are required.
  • For your money, you’ll receive a wholly stocked toolkit, stock, staff uniforms, support in every department (marketing, contract management, company growth), and a ton of technical training.
  • Secure Locker Rentals

Instead of charging schools for locker rentals, Secure Locker Rentals charges parents who want to reserve a locker for their kids a nominal annual leasing fee. Since 2008, the franchise has operated successfully and is continuing to expand.

  • Buying a franchise from Secure Locker Rentals: You don’t need a specific level of expertise or education, but you should be willing to put in a lot of effort and always welcome new clients (while taking care of the ones you already have).       
  • How much you must put in: The overall investment cost will be £19,950, with a minimum initial investment need of £10,000.
  • What you get for your money: A customized training program, user manuals, and a maintenance/cleaning kit. A spare kit, a marketing kickstart kit, a CRM software license, and a laptop are all included.
  • Value Doors

Value Doors has been in business for more than ten years and is the top UK supplier and installation of exterior doors (including rear doors, bi-fold doors, composite doors, electric roller doors, french doors, and patio doors) that are affordable, high-quality, and low-maintenance.

  • Purchasing a franchise for Value Doors: While previous experience is not a need, a profound enthusiasm for Value Doors’ diverse array of premium products, coupled with a dedication to sustainability and ecological compatibility, is essential.
  • The required investment amount: A minimum initial commitment of £10,000 is required.
  • The benefits or value that one obtains in exchange for their monetary expenditure. The comprehensive package provided ensures that aspiring entrepreneurs are equipped with the necessary resources, guidance, and assistance to successfully establish and expand their Value Doors enterprise.


  • GoliathTech

GoliathTech is a pioneer in manufacturing, distributing, and engineering helical piling foundations. GoliathTech, established in 2004, was bought by Julian Reusing in 2013 and changed into a worldwide franchise model. 

  • To succeed as a GoliathTech franchisee, you must have previous expertise in business management. You should be capable of managing a sizable business and eager to do so.
  • You must put up a minimum of £100,000 as an initial investment, plus £49,500 in franchise fees for a total investment cost of £120,000, plus operational and advertising costs.
  • What you get for your investment: You’ll get thorough technical training, installation assistance, and sales guidance. Additionally, you’ll have continued access to support from the franchisor and training opportunities.
  • Jackson Fire and Security

In 1991, Steve Jackson founded the management franchise Jackson Fire and Security. In your capacity as a franchisee with this quickly expanding network, you’ll assemble and oversee a group of skilled fire and security engineers.

  • To establish a franchise with Jackson Fire and Security, it is optional to possess prior business expertise. However, a robust sales background, a strong work ethic, and a proactive approach to cultivating and retaining a customer base are essential prerequisites.
  • The required investment amount: A minimum initial investment of £39,500 is required, along with a total investment cost of £69,500, which includes advertising expenses amounting to 2% and royalties up to 9%.


  • Secrailway 24-Hour Locksmiths

Secrailway 24-Hour Locksmiths offers services for homes, businesses, and automobiles. According to the company’s guarantee, a specialist will answer and arrive at your location within 15 minutes to address any emergency, key replacement, key duplication, car remote programming, or lock installation needs. They currently operate in 15 different cities around the country and are rapidly growing.


When you sign up for the franchise, Secrailway will assist you in producing YouTube educational and promotional films to boost your search engine optimization (SEO) and position in search results, resulting in more leads and sales.



What is the biggest franchise in the UK?

The business keeps growing its market share in the UK. Burgers and fries are just the beginning of McDonald’s extensive menu, including several additional fast food alternatives. Due to its size and well-known menu items, the brand has established itself as an iconic element of the international and British dining scenes.

Who has the most franchises in the UK?

After thoroughly analyzing data from hundreds of franchise brands, Franchise Direct has ranked Costa Coffee as the best franchise brand. 

Can a foreigner open a franchise in the UK?

Before starting a firm, most foreign nationals must apply for a work visa. Continue reading for more details on visas. If necessary, apply for the appropriate visa. If a visa is required, you should apply in advance.

Can a foreigner buy a franchise in the UK?

There are no restrictions on foreigners owning UK businesses or assets in general. In the UK, all new enterprises must register with Companies House to be subject to rules that include submitting annual reports.


Suppose you’re considering launching a locksmithing business and looking for a franchise opportunity in the UK. In that case, the top five locksmith franchises listed in this blog post are excellent options. These franchises offer unique advantages, such as well-known brand awareness and comprehensive training and support.

It is essential to conduct thorough research and evaluate which franchise best fits your goals, budget, and location before choosing. Remember that your potential to succeed in this business depends on the franchise you select and your devotion, perseverance, and ability to offer your clients first-rate locksmith services.

Ultimately, you may start a satisfying career in this industry, providing crucial security services and creating a prosperous locksmith business in the UK with the proper franchise partner and a passion for locksmithing.



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